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Carpet, Driveway & Office Cleaning Tips from Polegate Professionals

For many years now, Select Cleaning has been the first number homeowners and commercial property owners around Polegate call when in need of carpet cleaning, office cleaning or driveway cleaning. Over this time, our team has learned a thing or two, and on this page we’ve looked to share a few pro tips in the form of four cleaning do’s and don’ts. Need further advice? Call Select Cleaning, Polegate’s local office, driveway and carpet cleaner.

4 Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts


Don’t Scrub Your Carpet


One sure-fire way to damage your carpet is by scrubbing it with carpet cleaner. If you’re going about carpet cleaning on an amateur basis, do it gently and be sure to “blot, not scrub”. Otherwise, you risk untwisting carpet fibres and causing it to visibly deteriorate in quality. Also, if you’re using a chemical carpet cleaner, use one that is designed to deal with your type of carpet.


If you’ve bought an expensive, unique carpet that sets your Polegate property apart from others of its kind, ruining your investment because you were over aggressive when dealing with some mud, or because you bought the wrong carpet cleaner, would certainly prove frustrating!


Do Call in the Pros Once in a While


Bringing in the professionals for comprehensive office cleaning, driveway cleaning or carpet cleaning is often a good idea. The combination of expertise and all the right equipment to tackle even the toughest of jobs can pay dividends. While you won’t always need a pro office, driveway or carpet cleaner, you’d be amazed at, for example, how much deep-set dirt and bacteria can be banished with our specially formulated carpet cleaner and top-of-the-range carpet cleaning apparatus. Even if you’re one of our Polegate clients who just invests in professional carpet cleaning once a year, you’ll have peace of mind that potentially harmful spores and ugly stains are done away with.


Professional driveway cleaning is also a great idea if your driveway has built up a lot of grime and dirt over the years. Rather than sit there on your hands and knees, scrubbing away at dirt that may never come loose, let us use a high-power pressure washer specially designed to clean deep-set grime. In a matter of minutes, your driveway will be looking like it was built just yesterday!


Don’t Let Stains Sit


Whether it’s a stain on a wall left by a co-worker who doesn’t take office cleaning particularly seriously, or you’ve spilled a drink on your carpet, cleaning stains as quick as possible is essential to ensure they don’t stick around. Being a professional carpet cleaner, Select Cleaning can rid long-standing stains using expensive, high-tech equipment and formulas. But to Polegate homeowners and companies who want to avoid having to give us a call, should quickly blot up as much of the spillage as possible with a dry cloth, or if there isn’t one to hand, a paper towel.


If the stain is on furniture or carpet, cleaning with warm water rather than hot water is advised. Hot water can actually “set” the stain, making it all the more difficult to remove. When it comes to stains on your driveway, you can be a little less vigilant. After all, with cars coming and going from them constantly, it’s a Sisyphean task to keep them clean 24/7. To maintain your property’s curb appeal, the best option is to invest in regular (every few months) pressure washing from a professional driveway cleaning company. If you’re based in or around the Polegate area, then there are few companies offering as competitive quotes and as efficient a service as Select Cleaning.

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