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Have a question for the Select Cleaning team? You’re in the right place! On this page, we’ve answered a few questions we regularly receive from Pevensey clients regarding our office cleaning, driveway cleaning and carpet cleaning services. If you have a different question not answered below, don’t fret. Call a friendly Select office, driveway and carpet cleaner on 07973 197 377.

Select Cleaning – Pevensey FAQ


Which carpet cleaning methods do you use?


Typically, we employ the steam cleaning/hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. However, we are skilled and experienced with other methods, like dry-cleaning and shampooing, that could come in handy when attending certain Pevensey homes.


How does steam carpet cleaning work?


Firstly we employ a non-toxic, chemical-free carpet cleaner that has been specially formulated to be tough on grime, but kind to your carpet. After it has been left on the carpet for a long enough period, one of our carpet cleaning specialists will pass a pressurised cleaning tool over the surface. This is done multiple times to ensure that all of the carpet cleaner is rinsed out.


Do I really need a pressure washer for driveway cleaning?


Driveway cleaning with a standard garden hose, which distributes water fairly slowly and at (comparatively) low pressure, is often problematic. This is because the dirt and grime on driveways has accumulated over a long time, and often has been repeatedly pressed into the ground by tyres and feet alike. As you can imagine, it can be extremely stubborn and resilient to most soaps and chemicals. When compared with all other methods of driveway cleaning readily available to Pevensey homeowners, our pressure washers are the obvious choice.


Their electric air compressors power water pumps that can accelerate water at extremely high pressure, often mixed with a chemical-free cleaning formula. The water travels so fast that it easily dislodges even the most hard-set dirt on your driveway. Our team use pressure washers with especially high PSI. This stands for pound per square inch, and is a measuring system that allows us to gauge water pressure at output. The higher it is, the more effective it will be in day-to-day driveway cleaning around Pevensey.


Why should I bother investing in professional office cleaning?


Pevensey clients use our professional office cleaning service for a real range of reasons. One reason is that they lack the time or resource to assign employees to thoroughly clean-up at regular intervals. Another is, purely and simply, that professional office cleaning leaves the premises looking far cleaner than an amateur job (20 years’ experience in the office cleaning world means we’re rather good at what we do).


Or, perhaps the client understands that having dedicated office cleaners in regularly helps cultivate and maintain an atmosphere of professionalism. Whatever the reason, we urge you to contact us for a quote. Whether you have us in every day on a contractual basis, or would rather it be a less regular thing, you’ll be amazed at how effective and affordable our cleaners really are!

For professional carpet cleaning, office cleaning or driveway cleaning in Pevensey, choose Select Cleaning. Call us right away on 07973 197 377.