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Driveway Cleaning for Eastbourne, Bexhill, Seaford & Hailsham

Not a day goes by we don’t receive a call from an East Sussex client who is sick and tired of their dirty driveway. While driveways are bound to get dirty over time, that’s not to mean you should stand for it. The most effective form of driveway cleaning is pressure washing, which can deal with even the most ingrained dirt and grime, as well as one thing that homeowners from Polegate to Pevensey, Eastbourne to Bexhill, Seaford to Hailsham all know and despise – sea bird droppings.


The Driveway Cleaning Process



1. Detergent flows in through a hose.

2. Water flows in through a separate hose.

3. An electric motor powers the pump, drawing the water and detergent together and mixing them up.

4. The mixture is heated to a fixed temperature (~50°C-70 °C).

5. The pump then ejects the solution at high pressure through the attached nozzle.



Reasons to Invest in Regular Driveway Cleaning


The main reason people invest in our professional driveway cleaning service is they’re tired of seeing their driveway in a sorry state. After all, driveways cost a lot of money! If you’d spent an equivalent amount on a car, you’d surely wash it before it was coated in grime and dirt. Homeowners around Bexhill, Eastbourne, Polegate, Pevensey, Seaford and Hailsham looking to sell their property should certainly invest in driveway cleaning.


When you can turn a dirty, neglected driveway into one that looks brand new in just a matter of hours, why wouldn’t you? Not only will a home with a clean driveway better attract buyers, it may even boost the value of your property, meaning our driveway cleaning service pays for itself 10x over!


Think that our driveway cleaning service could help spruce up your Bexhill, Eastbourne, Polegate, Pevensey, Seaford or Hailsham property? Call 01323 729 661 or 07973 197 377.